El Salvador

February 14-21, 2019 we will be taking our annual El Salvador Mission Trip.  We will be going back to a village called Taura.  We are so excited to continue building a relationship with this village.  We will be doing work projects, operating a medical clinic, and running Young Life clubs in the village.

On this trip, we will have a great deal to offer the people who live in Taura due to the contributions of our supporters and fundraisers for this trip.  Over the past few years, this trip has provided two new wells for clean drinking water, bikes, and trucks for transportation, medical and school supplies, as well as a new Young Life ministry for kids in El Salvador! The scope of this trip goes well beyond what we have to offer the people of Taura. Our kids and leaders will experience first-hand what it is like living in a third-world community. What we bring is insignificant compared to what we take away. We come back with a new perspective on money, poverty, friendship, family, faith, thankfulness, and in reality a new perspective on life.

El Salvador Application

 The application is live for 2019! 

Follow this link to be part of the trip!

The application is due October 12th!!
Please contact Dustin at dustin@rochestereast.younglife.org to talk about questions regarding the trip this year or supporting the trip locally.

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